EGALITARIAN : (adjective) : 1. associated with or believing in the idea that group

EGALITARIAN : (adjective) : 1. associated with or believing in the idea that group

MORAL SLUT: ( Colloquial) somebody who openly decides to own numerous parallel sexual relations in a honest and accountable way, and exactly who honestly revels for the reason that decision. Discover connected responsible non-monogamy. Commentary: the phrase is inspired by the publication The moral Slut , which promotes reclaiming the word aˆ?slutaˆ? from its derogatory concept of a promiscuous lady.

ERE (established union power): read ORE (Old/Original union strength)

FLUID BONDING: Of or linked to methods which include the exchange of body fluids, such as for instance barrier-free intercourse and BDSM: A«blood playA» . Discover relevant condom contract.

FAMILY WITH PROS (FWB): a connection which two (or more) folk build a friendship including gender or sexual intercourse, usually without any same sort or amount of objectives and other practical or emotional entanglements that generally come with passionate relationships.

FUCK FRIEND: ( Colloquial; vulgar) read pals with benefits.

FWB (ACRONYM): discover company with benefits.

HINGE: (Colloquial; )see pivot.

HOTEP: Individuals labeled as or self-identifying as a Hotep generally provides philosophy the following (though there are constantly exceptions, like in anything else):

aˆ“ black colored nationalistaˆ“ feel everything/most good situations completed comprise accomplished by black colored ppl and white ppl afterwards lied about itaˆ“ ancient Egypt will be the root/center of black colored background and tradition (distinction this to Black Hebrew Israelites exactly who think biblical Jews were black colored and Egypt was still the theif)aˆ“ big feeling of patriarchy. The guy is king. The girl is queen. The guy little armenia sign in is during fee, the girl are subordinate.aˆ“ OPP or harem commitment rulesaˆ“ homophobiaaˆ“ misogynyaˆ“ dangerous masculinityaˆ“ powerful focus on building, whether it is communities, aˆ™empiresaˆ™, etc

Youaˆ™ll realize that certain characteristics arenaˆ™t inherently terrible (like developing communities and these). The trouble they usually triggers with many different (usually younger people anything like me) is that the aˆ?goodaˆ™ things are almost always combined with the seriously poisonous things such as homophobia/misogyny/etc. And itaˆ™s quite normal for a few ppl to need an idea like strengthening and then make ppl/women into objects towards that end, and that is terrible. aˆ“ Marcus Pyles, Sep 5 , 2018 in a thread within the fb group, Ebony & Poly.

Writing eloquently for all the Root, Damon kids described a hotep as aˆ?a person whoaˆ™s either an unaware parody of Afrocentricityaˆ? or aˆ?loudly, conspicuously and obnoxiously pro-black but anti-progress.aˆ? Might 8

KITCHEN TABLE POLYAMORY: dining room table Polyamory try another label even in poly sectors. It describes poly interactions where everybody in the polycule is actually safe sitting collectively at dining table with a cup of java. People that favor dining table polyamory wish to know her metamours and get company with them. They could want their teens in addition to their metamouraˆ™s teens to invest times with each other, or their own metamouraˆ™s more associates to-be comfortable contacting all of them to approach a surprise celebration together.

LDR (initialism): discover long-distance commitment.

LONG-DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP (LDR): a commitment wherein the folks engaging dont reside along, and therefore are split by great distances; because, for instance lovers who happen to live in almost any cities, in almost any says, and on occasion even in numerous region.

LOVESTYLE: style of intimate relationship, intimate and/or enchanting; aˆ?lovestyleaˆ™ is utilized regularly inside Ebony & Poly a„? community. See commitment orientation. Application: typical in modern age or tantra communities, based on the above Two glossary.

RELATIONSHIP: a commitment, most frequently between one man and something lady in Western nations, and that is approved because of the State and/or by a religious establishment and which confers upon its members certain social and economic climates, usually such as legal rights of shared home control, rights of inheritance and of decision-making in legal and medical matters, and particular rights and responsibilities concerning shared son or daughter rearing. These liberties and obligations has varied eventually and after this range from location to spot, but typical to all of these may be the hope that individuals that hitched are located in a legally recognized, financially entwined, dedicated partnership and that is not trivial to separate your lives. Traditionally, marriages generally in most Western nations carry together with them objectives of intimate and psychological monogamy. See connected shut relationships, available matrimony, party relationship, polygamy, polygyny,polyandry.

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