Decent to read, thanks for hooking up me personally you to

Decent to read, thanks for hooking up me personally you to

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But just to correct – During the was abit deprecated screen in SGS, SGS2 and similiar patterns. It can be used to handle modem directly from Desktop (unclear when the Desktop is truly truly speaking with modem or so you can element of Android’s HALs, that is following talking-to modem, for such as for example. USB-UART multiplexer from inside the I9000 and S8500/S8530 try qualified to switch cellular phone MicroUSB port between AP USB/UART and you may CP USB/UART. A portion of the managing interface found in a lot more than habits is RPC through oneDRAM common-recollections town. You will find products particularly “dpram”, “onedram”, “modemctl” inside the kernel – speaking of crucial for right performing away from modem. No matter if RIL is utilizing During the requests, it can posting him or her through RPC. AP-CP UART connection appears to be made use of only for early booting stage (at the least in I9000 and S8500, have not analysed I9100 but guess that is similiar)

Ad1. There could be zero genuine capacity to correspond with modem in person into the SGS2 at responses you’re going to get SS (Complex Cellular Subscriber Software – RTOS working on Qualcomm’s CP)

Ad4. These types of datasheets are extremely safeguarded secrets of makers. Simply unmarried, partial manuals problem out of Qualcomm, not really helpful. Along with AP-CP RPC protocol try exclusive from Samsung, they got AMSS present away from Qualcomm as they are including their individual motorists there.

Oh yes, We gave Qualcomm because analogy, but is CP when you look at the SGS2 Qualcomm? It wasn’t QC product towards the SGS1 however, tbh it’s very very signed supply.

When you’re AP-CP low level method is actually opensource (discover it in the dpram/onedram/modemctl motorists for the kernel), advanced of these layer – accumulated to the sec-RIL, is not. AP-CP protocol varies anywhere between I9000 and you will S8500 (standard style continues to be the exact same, simply it’s been rewriten therefore packet sizes and you can structures are different), but if you want to buy – we are carrying out opensource RIL to possess S8000/S8500/S8530/S8600 unit collection, designed to run Android slots in their mind – (branch experimental-MochaIPC)


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So long as the new modem is very effective, there clearly was little need certainly to look into details of just how ril correspond with modem, but when the new modem doesn’t work because it is always to (During my situation it would not register on the only 1 particular mobile operator), an on order that will would a factory reset of the modem might possibly be useful

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That the Within is actually deprecated isn’t any magic, although facts (no less than considering some firmware professionals) would be the fact it does remain sometime before OEM’s will get gone the fresh (AT) dependency of the miracle and bad proprietary firmware, that often must be backward appropriate.

Out-of whether matchocean or not I’m conversing with AP or CP. You are probably correct that I am talking to AP due to HAL. At the very least off SGS2 block drawing, UART-step 3 is in the AP, but associated with a level-shifter regarding PMIC (nevertheless for a passing fancy SoC), that’s subsequently attached to the BP UART-X. (I don’t have an idea as to the reasons this is done therefore.) Thus whatever the case they check that AT’s are getting together with its attraction, through particular abstraction coating, which sung Motorists and never regarding a neighbor hood (phone) critical shells.

Issue is actually, what are the results whenever we try to make use of the Bada key, to enter ServiceMode (SM) and enable brand new related BP availableness? Nevertheless the SM is different on the SGS and therefore option is not demonstrably available. Although not, you will find:

[ Change ] I came across it! The selection of AP/BP relationship decisions when linking their cellular phone since a good USB customer, so you can a pc host, are going to be manually devote the fresh new PhoneUtil (PU) selection. This set the fresh decisions of your own cell phone whenever connecting it so you’re able to a computer, to be able to come across if or not you adore it to do something since the a beneficial Modem otherwise PDA, for the USB and you can/otherwise UART vent. The fresh new PU diet plan is different from this new ServiceMode menu.

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